Our History

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St George's Church

Our History

St George’s Church began almost as Britwell was built (Britwell Estate was built by the GLC in the 1950s to house the much needed exodus from crowded Paddington, Acton etc).

The Site of the Original Church Hut The Church in a Hut
St Georges Church was founded in the 1950s as a mission parish from neighbouring Farnham Royal. The first services were held in a builders hut on the site of the present church.

St Georges II under the sign of God's promise The church in silhouette

A church building was built on the site in 1961 and was the home of a community of believers for many years. Sadly, building faults developed early in its life. Eventually the building developed ‘concrete cancer’, and was declared unsafe and closed in 2002.

The Camapanile after the old church was knocked down. The Old Church Window
The Tower Falls

The old church was eventually demolished in 2005. It’s foundation stone is on the ground near to the new foundation stone underneath the remaining panels of the old stained glass window.

But the congregation might have been discouraged, but they did not lose hope. After some time meeting down the road in Britwell Baptist Church, a new building was conceived. Over the past couple of years we have seen the old building pulled down and a new one slowly rise out of the mud.

The new build was begun in 2008 and completed in June 2009. It is built to blend with the housing area but also to look like a church. The doors are CofE height to ensure a coffin can be carried in!

The aim was for a warm, homely, but church-like multipurpose building that could be used for Sunday services, children’s church, christenings, marriages and funerals; after school clubs; help for NEETS; Christians Against Poverty; a café for church parties, community events, Alpha Courses, cream teas etc. Unusually there is an adult baptistry for full immersion under the platform.

We are so grateful to God for providing for us and giving us a beautiful new place to meet. The new church was officially opened by the Princess Royal in October 2009.

Our Future

So where now?

Now we begin the task of seeking God’s will for our church and our community. What does God have for our future? How can we serve him and those around us?

Will you join us as we seek to join together to see God’s kingdom come?

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