Our Family

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St George's Church

Our Family

On any given Sunday you could find about 100 people in our main morning service.  At other times during the week you’ll meet others from around Britwell and Northborough.  To give you a picture of our church we’ve asked some members of our church to tell their stories.


Jean Binks

About five years ago I felt lost and alone – within a few years my mother father and partner had passed away.  John introduced me to Kate, Kate lived in Gerrards Cross. She sat listened and talked to me. She asked me to attend Sunday morning Church with her. I made friends with Sarah Pix the Curate at the time. Sarah asked me to attend the Alpha course. This was the beginning of my new journey.Susan said the most poignant thing to me she said Jean remember Jesus loves you. This gave me strength. Church became a happy part of my life. With a positive attitude and faith many things changed.  I see beauty all around me.

In all our lives we come across trials and tribulations. If we learn to pray and put ourselves in the hands of our Lord and lay our troubles at his feet there is nothing we cant overcome. This is a hard road i have traveled but with Faith and friends i am getting there.

We now have a wonderful new Church. A church is not a building but also the congregation within. With Bill and Elsie we have guidance through wisdom. We have wonderful families with their children. We have new babies a wonderful gift. Our congregation is growing Alpha, Coffee morning and Toddlers Club also. St. Georges has become my Church and the congregation my friends.

God Bless our Church and all within.

Doris Burton

I was born in London. We were a large family. I had a happy childhood in spite of it being wartime. My father was very anti-church. He wouldn’t let any of us go to Sunday school or join Girl Guides or Scouts. The only thing we knew of the Bible was what little we learnt at school.

Eventually my husband, myself and 2 sons moved to Slough in 1957. We ourselves were not church goers except for occasions like weddings or funerals. We had a third son and then they all went to Sunday school, cubs and scouts and occasionally St Georges Church, which started in the wooden builders hut.

When my eldest son went to Exeter University he joined the Christian Union, and that was our first real experience of Christianity.

As we grew older my husband became ill and eventually became wheelchair bound. I took him to church on some Sundays and we met some very nice people.

One day after my husband died I joined the minister and some families for a walk along the river, they made me feel very welcome. That’s when I decided to find our more about the church.

I am now going regularly to church and am reading the Bible.

We have a lovely new church building and I have made some very good friends. I am now so involved that I organise the Tuesday morning coffee morning, and I am so pleased to see many lovely people making it their special place.

Vicky Shaw

I started coming to a youth club called BAND here at St George’s.  As the years went on I joined the church.

Last Summer a group of us went camping at New Wine for a week.  At  one of the evening seminars I went to the people on stage were saying that they could sense that they needed to pray for the people in the room.

Then they mentioned that they thought that someone had a pain in their wrist.  I did, so I stood up.  Someone came and prayer for me and the pain was gone.  It was AMAZING!!

Ever since that happened I have become a Christian.  I was baptised and confirmed on the 20th October 2009.

Now I am a Christian I feel I can talk to someone when I’m down or upset – I can feel comforted.

Most of all I can know that I am loved.

Samson Kuponiyi

I was born and raised in a christian family (and environment) in Nigeria. Christianity for me is a way of life. However, I did not become a christian until my early adult age. Since become a christian, I have come to know the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the power of prayers through Him. Nothing is too small or too big to take to Him in prayers. There is a special joy that comes with being a member of a local christian family and that can only be experienced not imagined. Joy is one of the many other things we enjoy in the family of God (no matter your background or geographical location) and here in our church – Britwell St George.